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Perspective International is a Saudi born communications and event management agency with International reach. We partner with you to reach your objectives through a holistic approach that delivers results. We know that your communication issues are unique to you, therefore, we tailor make solutions that address your issues and guarantee improvements.

In Saudi Arabia, the biggest and most exceptional market in the Arabian Gulf region, we have in addition to our in-house specialists a team of consultants drawn from multiple disciplines who can turn influence into insight and extend the reach required to generate optimum results for you. 

We offer a broad spectrum of robust integrated communications strategies to get the right content to the right places and build your reputation.

Innovation is at the core of our existence. We push boundaries, capture opportunities, deliver substantial value, and grow with you.

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We are proud to have served governments, trade and industrial associations, sports people, consortia, professional practices organizations, iconic brands and many of the world’s best known corporations in communication, commerce and industry as well as talented and skilful individuals.


Our Team


Khalid Sharani

Image and Reputation Consultant

A Systems practice professional, he is a skilful staff developer and team builder. His sharp analytical skills and strategies have helped him develop forceful PR campaigns for such high-profile international and local clients as Unilever, P&G, Samsung, CPC group, the Saudi Ministries of Interior, Electricity and Water, Commerce, and the Jeddah Municipality. Self-motivated, accomplished and talented with extensive management, project management and consulting experience, Khalid ensures the creation of penetrative messages and powerful holistic styles of communication.


Saleh Fareed

Media Affairs Director

Saleh is an experienced journalist and media networking specialist and a sharp thinker who enjoys work that tests his networking, interactive and analytical skills. With his vast pool of media contacts from working closely with many of the top journalists in the Gulf press, and his expertise spanning the entire gamut of news and feature writing, he is totally at ease in handling public relations. He brings to media relations passion, clarity, creativity and the highest possible attention to detail.


Majed Sharani

Design and conceptualisation

Majed has 12 years of experience in public relations, communication and event management in Saudi Arabia. His portfolio of corporate accounts is diverse, covering the IT, FMCG, fashion & lifestyle, media, pharmaceuticals, and retail sectors. He is a visionary with rich experience in developing designs and strategies for public engaging event. What sets Majed apart is his unique insight into the bigger picture, ensuring that clients receive real value for money.


Irfan Khan

Events Director

Irfan has a decade of extensive experience in events planning and managements serving a wide spectrum of national and international corporations and organizations. he has extraordinary talents pulling together some landmark promotional, recreational, business and social events. he was responsible for creating and running a wide range of events ensuring that the target audience is engaged and the message of the event is properly conveyed. Irfan is an orchestrator of memorable events.

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