Case Studies

Saudi Water and Power Forum 2010

The CWC Group is world renowned as experts in oil, gas, power, infrastructure and investment, particularly in the emerging markets. It has been holding the Saudi Water and Power Forum annually for the past 6 years. But never before has the CWC held any media activity to publicize the event. For the October 2010 Forum, CWC and its strategic partners Al-Bushnak Group and Al-Aghar require a top-class media center to raise awareness on the event and facilitate national, regional and international media coverage of the wealth of information emanating from it.

Perspective’s Role

  • Handle pre-event, event bulletins, and post-event announcements among local, regional and international media
  • Design and set up a first-class press office with facilities for word-processing, telephone, fax and high speed internet connection
  • Provide comprehensive support for visiting journalists, complete with welcome letter and press packs containing information on the event, Jeddah the host city, and Saudi Arabia
  • Respond to media queries, issue press passes
  • Organise one-one-one interviews and press briefings
  • Provide and manage still photography and videography for the press center during event.


  • Pre-event excitement generated traffic and interest in the forum.
  • Outstanding media coverage was achieved, valued at more than US$1.6 million (SR4.6 million), in more than 100 national, regional and international media during the 3-day forum.
Case Studies
Case Studies


The Situation

Lipton is a market leader in its segment and has been an active participant in Social activities. As per their brand philosophy “Making your dreams come true!”, Lipton sponsored two Saudi boys adventure to sky jump over the North Pole.

Our Action

  • Press Conference at Zone Yellow (Lipton themed cafe)
  • Arrange interviews
  • Jeddah Governor Visit
  • Daily news bulletins during trip
  • Press Conference at return

Jeddah Race Way

JRW is an important development aimed at further promoting motor sports in the Kingdom and the region. Jeddah Raceway, the first and largest project of its kind in Saudi Arabia, enabled the Kingdom to host several spectacular motor sports action including the jet dragsters race.

Our Action

  • Created the publicity plan for pre, launch and post activities
  • Media invitation to events
  • Media engagement activities
  • Circulation of news
  • Arrangement of interviews
  • Drafting and placement of features
Case Studies
Case Studies


By sponsoring Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, Samsung began its policy for sponsoring of sport activities around the world. Samsung became the world’s first wireless communication company to sponsor Nagano Winter Olympic Games. Such activity continued by sponsoring Athens Olympic Games in 2008. Samsung was seeking a local sporting events that reflect the values of the Olympic games, “Bringing people together for a good deed”.

Our Action

  • Identify the event
  • Lobby sportsman and health specialists as brand ambassadors
  • Public engagement activities
  • Press Conference
  • Circulation of news
  • Arrangement of interviews

Malaysian Tourism Authority (SARS)

Situation: SARS epidemic in the early 2000 has created a fear amongst Saudi tourist to Malaysia. Although Malaysia has managed to control the situation, rumours have caused a serious decline in tourist numbers to Asia.

Suggested Solution: Seeing is believing. We invited 20 Saudi journalists from various influential newspapers, Magazines and electronic media to visit Malaysia for a week and see the situation on the ground as well as meet minister of health and representatives of WHO.

Results: the positive feedback and assurance given by the media to public through write-ups and features has resulted in a considerable increase in Saudi tourist to Malaysia and returned it into the top of the tourism destinations list.

Case Studies
Case Studies

Firestone Tires 

Situation: During the late 90s, Firestone was involved in the Ford Explorer tire exposition incidents which resulted in several fatalities. An accusation war was launched between the two brands. In Saudi Arabia, Tamimi, the agent of Firestone has suffered great loses due to pubic skepticism. The public did not know that Firestone Tires sold in Saudi are produced by a Thai plant and are different from the one in question in the USA.

Suggested Solution: We invited 14 Saudi journalists from leading newspapers and specialized Magazines and electronic media to visit the Thailand plant and see the manufacturing process and quality management on the ground as well as watching tires tests.

Results: Media hostility was eliminated and the public was assured.

British Airways (Crisis Readiness)

Situation: Airlines in general are high risk industries and require special attention especially in times of crisis. BA has always been a leader in the field of aviation safety and have mobilised their Crisis Response team world wide to give support to other airlines whenever needed.

Our responsibilities: Create a 24/7 well trained response team that operate through the main Saudi Airports which BA utilise. Our teams have worked with BA officials in Both Riyadh and Jeddah to execute various scenarios and drills.

Case Studies

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