Crisis Management

All it takes is a crisis to shred a company’s reputation to bits, diminish the years of hard work and millions invested to build it up, and reduce its worth to nothing. Recent examples of some of the best international companies of our times going belly up overnight have brought this glaring fact home, the fact that effective communication across geographies, business groups and media is crucial when trying to rescue an organization under attack. Perspective International has a global team of issues and crisis management consultants on standby 24/7 for its clients. Good crisis management is about swift response, substance in the key messages, and relevance to each targeted audience, small or big, near or far. We work on the premise that damage control is best when achieved with the best possible outcome, no matter how severe the crisis.

Our trained staff will:

  • Conduct complete review of our partner’s business, develop crisis handbook and messages, train spokespeople
  • Provide situation analysis, custom-make media and third-party strategies, devise messages and contingency statements and develop potential scenarios in crisis handbook
  • Monitor media, Provide a 24/7 Go-Team for emerging crises

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