Public Relations

As a full service PR company, we offer timely and innovative multidisciplinary communications solutions to our clients. We combine development of creative content, marketing, public relations, media positioning, and event management so as to deliver the best possible business outcomes for our partners.

Corporate Communication

Globalization is fast transforming the Gulf business environment, making corporate communication challenges more complex than ever. The mix of traditional and cutting-edge business best practices makes the region a particularly intriguing place for both homegrown and foreign clients. Most often we find clients wanting to balance local sensitivities with global aspirations, develop strategies to manage the new pressures of global competition and the digital information revolution, communicate well meaning messages, and engage in sustainable activities without being accused of intrusion. In the Gulf region, the main challenges of corporate life are higher social responsibility expectations, an increasing trust gap between the firm and its stakeholders, a digital world that can spring surprises from the most unexpected quarter, and a host of competitive pressures emanating from a global push by businesses seeking new havens to ensure survival if not sustained growth. In this very demanding scenario, there can be no compromise on building, maintaining and defending corporate reputation, which helps sell more products and services, makes supply chains more reliable and attracts the best talent. Our experts combine global best practices with local insight to ensure coordinated planning and effective execution to deliver real business impact and build, maintain and defend brands.


Photography / Audio Visual

We have an extensive and elite list of:

  • Cinematographers
  • Professional photographers
  • Film cameramen
  • Production facilities

Our service providers are selected not only for their technical abilities but also for their talent and suitability to individual requirements.


Events Press Office

Unparalleled media relations requirements that encompass:

  • Hospitality packages for visiting media
  • Press conferences,
  • Interviews, bulletins
  • Logistical support

Logistic Facilitation

Our global and regional reach enables us to identify appropriate partners and seek opportunities for our clients in areas of strategic importance.

Media Relations

The media isn’t what it used to be. Today, in the midst of an information revolution, we have newspapers, magazines, TV channels, the email, Web reviews, social media and, worse, even SMS messages to contend with, leave alone a growing band of ‘citizen journalists’ on the prowl, ready to pounce on any perceived wrongdoing and raise a din for good reason or bad. Because of increased competition and the race to break a story, one single trigger – or rumour – is enough for the now vastly multifaceted global media to set out hunting in packs, suspecting every possible legal, ethical and regulatory move of a company in question. So omnipresent is the media in its various forms that perception can be converted to reality in no time, even if there is no shred of truth in any of the allegations. As such, a small slip in media manners can cause a company dearly in terms of a drop in sales, a loss in shareholder value, a compromised reputation and employee dissatisfaction. At Perspective International, we ensure that our clients do not fall prey to the media packs. We have some of the region’s most seasoned media professionals on board, who can handle complex media situations both in good times and bad. We rely on research and analysis, journalistic skills, messaging, social networking and close media relationships to deliver real business impact.

Our media relations experts maintain strong relationships with print, wire, internet and broadcast media personnel. We manage databases of media contacts, editorial calendars, background information about reporters and various media outlets.

Proactive monitoring of the media enables us to track media trends on an on-going basis. 

Monitoring, Measurement & Evaluation

PRania – our innovative tool

Media monitoring and analysis is crucial to our business and our clients. Having tried the traditional monitoring process internally as any other PR agency, and at times relied on specialist agencies, we realized that what was available in the market did not meet our efficiency requirements. So we decided to develop our own automatic monitoring system that could report comprehensively on all types of media. 

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Public Affairs

Red tape, competitive restrictions and cultural sensitivities are par for the course in the Gulf region, though not necessarily across the board. Moreover, companies also face reputational threats due to increasing concerns in the region about globalization, business history, labor rights and environmental impact. These concerns must be effectively addressed through proactive communication with policy makers if companies are to qualify for public contracts or help set and shape the public agenda. At Perspective International, we offer local expertise, market knowledge and connections to help mitigate these problems. Our Public Affairs specialists are well versed in the regulations and trends and have a proud track record of helping our clients build relationships and dialogue with policy makers in order to deliver truly valuable business outcomes.

We offer our partners with:

  • Monitoring, research, analysis and intelligence gathering
  • Stakeholder analysis and planning
  • Case and message development
  • Lobbying
  • Community relations and grass-roots campaigning
  • Coalition building


Sponsorship management

Sponsoring sporting, cultural or humanitarian events or causes is a powerful way to achieve brand differentiation and convey its unique characteristics. But it takes local market knowledge and experience to deliver optimum business value through sponsorships. At Perspective International you will find sponsorship professionals who have made an impact in major markets and can identify causes most suited to a brand’s message so that it resonates with local audiences and achieves wider business results.

We provide a comprehensive support package that promotes brand awareness through:

  • Activation Plan for maximizing exposure
  • Press kits
  • Press releases
  • Event previews
  • Bulletins
  • Reports and branded photography

Change and Internal Communication

We believe that leadership is about good communication, internally and externally. It’s indispensable for employee motivation, staff retention and real business impact. And nothing tests this leadership trait more severely than at times of change. Our network of internal communications and change specialists work on the theory that effective persuasion is about source credibility, framing goals that open up common ground, using vivid language to lend a compelling and tangible quality to management’s viewpoint, and connecting emotionally by addressing issues that matter to staff.

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